It is in remembrance of Allah that the heart finds rest (13:28)

World's biggest online project on Qur-an Multiple Translations

It covers 109 translations/transliterations under 43 languages. You can generate trillions of dynamic pages as per your different translation choices and Qur-an portion. If one search made, we provide next, previous and all portions index pages links with your preferred translations. We also keeps search history summary of translation choices.

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World's biggest resource on Qur-an multiple translations with multi-translation search facility and with trillions of dynamic pages! How we are biggest?

We have disabled several features due to the lack to meet server expenses as I do not have a job or a proper earning source. If you can help me to find a placement at UAE or any other GCC country, will become valuable help to activate all features of this site.
Kindly download my CV from here. Click here to know more. Jazakallahu Khairan.

A project on Holy Qur-an to learn/Memorize Easily

We are hereby proudly announce 2-3 minutes mp3 clips audio files. These clips can use on mobile and other kind of modern small devices. This project will help to learn and memorize qur-an more easily. So we expect it will make a new trend among worldwide Hifz students and Muslim Youths.

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So far downloaded Qur-an project clips can run for 2 months 21 days 20 hours 6 minutes and 19 seconds on a device!

One Life - One Crore (Ten Million) Swalath on Prophet (PBUH)

Allah asked believers to perform Swalath on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by saying "Allah and His angels performing Swalath on the Prophet". It indicates its most importance. Swalath help us to lead a good life and to get avoid problems on this and next worlds.

It will not be an impossible effort to perform one crore (10 million) Swalath on Prophet (PBUH), even if we are very busy person. Everybody will get lot of unusable/spare time (including travel time) in our day to day life to do it. Check the following chart how to accomplish 1 crore (10 million) Swalath on a life. More...

Dhikrs_Targeted_Counter (Excel File) | Dhikrs_Targeted_Counter (Zip File)

Enter to the peace of World

"The wish of the hearts of the faithful can only be fulfilled with the remembrance of Allah, for hearts are only satisfied by remembering Allah." (Qur-an)

"Remember Allah often and praise Him day and night." (Qur-an)

"Remember Me so that I will remember you, be thankful to Me so that you are not led to faithlessness." (Qur-an)

"Allah own beautiful names. Invoke Him by them. And leave the company of those who blaspheme His names. They will be requited what they do." (Qur-an 7:180)

Names of Allah

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